Benefits of Saunf & learn about the uses, attributes, habits, and side effects of Saunf.


Saunf is a famous food additive in India, which is not only used in food but also as a medicine. In Ayurveda, many of its special properties have been described. Fennel Seeds is called Fennel Seeds and it is this seed of Foeniculum Vulgare plant. Fennel is fragrant and delicious dried seeds. It provides great flavour and is often used in Indian cooking.


Saunf is a very flavoured ingredient and it is found in a frying oil which is responsible for its medicinal properties. It brings a special aroma to the food, due to which it is often used in Indian cooking. The sweet fodder in the fennel seed taste is slightly bitter and tinny.


There are many nutrients, minerals and vitamins in it which is beneficial to health. It removes digestion and is used to treat diarrhea, stomach ache, and respiratory diseases. This is beneficial in women’s problems in menstrual disorders.


People usually eat fennel after food in India. It helps digest food and prevents the formation of gas in the stomach. It is the best medicine to treat diseases like sourness, acid attack, and burning sensation. Due to being an aromatic liquid, it removes the deodorant from the face. It relieves a toothache and gum disease and bans these diseases. Fennel seeds contain nitrates which are good for heart health. This, therefore, prevents diseases of the heart and keeps the heart healthy. The elements present in the fennel are helpful in keeping the digestive tract properly and have been proven helpful in correcting respiratory problems.


Ayurvedic Properties Religion and Dosh Karma (saunf)


Fennel’s taste is sweet, bitter and tense.

  • Taste = sweet, bitter, tired
  • Property = short, aliphatic
  • Potency = Cold (Cold)
  • Delicate = (Metabolic Property)
  • Dosha Action = A triangular suppressor, especially vata-pitta shamak


According to Ayurveda, the use of fennel in the form of medicine reduces all the three flaws (Vaa – Vata, Pitt – Pitta), and Kaaf – Kapha). Its taste is sweet, tight, and bitter (saunf).


There is a cooling effect of fennel on the body. Its leaves give a sweet and bitter taste in the mouth. Ayurveda advises not to cook fennel. The properties of fennel die by cooking, so use it soaking it. It helps to remove the toxic substances from the body(saunf).


Medicinal work


  • Appetizer – Appetizer
  • Acetaminophen
  • Abdominal cold
  • Treasury adoption – reduces thirst (saunf)
  • Chad Diagnosis – Anti-Anticonvulsant
  • Deepan – Piles of gastragyi
  • Digestion-enhancing digestive power
  • Uplift – extracting stool and gas from the abdomen
  • Meditation – Buddha
  • Eyebrows – Beneficial for Eyes
  • Vision magnifier – eye surgeon
  • Heart – Strength of the Heart
  • Blood transfusion – enhancing blood circulation
  • A false cough – Reducing the viscosity of the mucus and breaking the cough secretion
  • Yonushilhar
  • Lactogenesis
  • Inflammation of the inflammation – burning sensation
  • Accentuation
  • Antispasmodic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antivirus
  • Antibacterial
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Antitumor


Fennel seeds relax the stomach muscles and reduce cramps. The bowel removes the gas and relieves the pain.


Therapeutic indications

Seeds of Saunf are used for the following diseases and symptoms:


  • Stomach Ache and abdominal cramps
  • Baby stomach ache
  • Thirsty
  • Gas
  • Stomach enlargement
  • Loss of appetite
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dislike
  • The weakness of the brain, nerves, and senses
  • Visually impaired
  • Heart weakness
  • blood disorder
  • A cough
  • Respiratory disease
  • A sore throat
  • Throat pain
  • Head deodorant
  • Swelling of gums
  • Dysuria
  • Abdominal abnormalities
  • Dysmenorrhea – Pain During Menstrual Period
  • Colic
  • Mother’s milk loss
  • Bad odor of breast milk
  • Hypoglycemia


Saunf Ke Fayde

Fennel seeds are mainly used for problems related to the digestive tract. It helps in respiratory diseases. It relieves stomach cramps and abdominal pain. Its beneficial effects appear on the stomach, intestine, liver, brain, heart, kidney and uterus.


Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) has been helpful in preventing gas from being formed and helping in weight loss, indigestion, cancer, and aging. It enhances physical strength and provides longevity to a person.


Fennel contains nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that profit a lot of health. Fennel seeds area unit utilized in the treatment of stomach ache, diarrhea, pain and metabolic process diseases. it’s conjointly helpful in eye issues and menstrual disorders.


Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)(saunf)


Fennel stomach is used for the treatment of inflammation. Fennel seed powder is usually used to treat gastroenteritis symptoms. It regulates secretion of gastric acid and reduces inflammation of mucosa.


According to Ayurveda, in reality, it reduces the tinge properties of bile. Gastric art is reduced to inflammation and relief from gastritis and stomach pain. Therefore its work is done on stomach’s art and instead of reducing hunger it is helpful in increasing hunger. It is the best medicine in the treatment of stomach inflammation, indigestion, burning, loss of appetite etc.


Indigestion, untimely, sour burp, gas.

Use of fennel is considered to be good for the treatment of indigestion, ulcer, emptying, sour burp, gas, and other diseases. It regulates the secretion of acids in the stomach, reduces its acuity, removes the stomach inflammation, and removes the gastric pain (saunf).


Nausea and vomiting

Due to fungal anticonvulsant, it helps in treating nausea and vomiting. It regulates gastric secretion and helps in reducing the acidic taste and sour taste of the mouth.


Excessive thirst

Fennel of cardamom seed is also the property which reduces thirst (thirst), which is why it is beneficial to reduce excessive thirst. To reduce excessive thirst, its seeds are used in powder by mixing it with sugars or in Egypt. To reduce thirst, fennel extract may be used by making fennel or fennel tea.


Weight event

Fennel is helpful in increasing metabolism. Fennel fat boosts metabolism and prevents excess fat accumulation. It helps in losing weight.


However, some people refer to fennel as a starving or hunger, which is in fact wrong. According to Ayurveda, fennel does not reduce or suppress appetite, but it improves digestion by normalizing appetite. If you feel hunger less then your appetite will increase.


Actually, it keeps your hunger in the natural form as it should be and helps you gain great control over appetite.


If you feel hungry, then it helps to regulate gastric secretion and improve liver function and ultimately makes your appetite normal. It also neutralizes excessive gastric secretion and helps reduce stomach acid.


If you feel hungry and craving for food, it can also help in normalizing appetite and improve the natural control of food. Many people have reported good control over food lust after using fennel seeds. But it has also been seen that his festivity increases with longing for eating.


Fennel increases metabolic activity and improves the usefulness of fat, which helps in weight loss. Using obesity in obesity reduces fat accumulated and its utility improves. According to Ayurveda it also increases the fire of metals which makes all the metals normal and induce them to burn stored fat.


Fennel ends the cold. Fennel seeds contain alpha-pinene and cresol, which work to seal the chest and cure a cough.


Bronchitis and asthma

Snuffing boiled fennel seeds and leaves provides relief from asthma and bronchitis.


A sore throat

Fennel seeds are good for pharyngitis and sore throat or sinus problems.


Breast milk enhances

Seeds help to improve milk production in lactating mothers.


Fennel seeds in infants

Help relieve the stomach and intestinal disorders. Oil releases from the abdomen in infants.



The fennel powder of snake bite is used as a poultice.


Heat stroke

In the case of heat stroke, soak the fennel in the handful of water overnight. Take this water with a pinch of salt in the morning.


Aging and Prevention of Cancer

Fennel contains anti-oxidants such as quercetin and kaempferol. These antioxidants remove toxic particles in the body and prevent cancer, other diseases, and aging. Body skin tells the age of one person. Antioxidants present in fennel seeds help keep the skin clean and young.


Fibers present in fennel seeds protect against colon cancer. Mixing fennel oil in other massaged oils gives massage to the skin and protects against wrinkles.


Soaking the fennel seeds in water, mixing it with honey and dal, the paste is made, which is a very good face pack to prevent skin aging. It is a very effective scrub to clean, firm and refreshes the face skin.


Helps in digestion

Fennel seed diet is a rich source of fiber. Our body needs insoluble fiber for better functioning of the stomach. It does not allow constipation, and if constipation is done then it is also a great remedy for the treatment of constipation.


Fibers bind to bile salts and prevent them from absorbing in the system. Bile salts produced by cholesterol are harmful to the body and increase cholesterol levels. Eating fennel can help to keep cholesterol under control. It is an anti-vomiting, abdominal cleanser, and herbal remedies.


Good sources of minerals, vitamins, and oils

It is a good source of iron, copper, potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium and selenium. All these nutrients are needed for proper functioning of the human body.


Fennel Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and B-Complex is a repository of vitamins. All these vitamins are concentrated in these seeds. It contains essential oils, which are very beneficial for health. These oils are of pneumatic properties and help in the better functioning of the stomach. Fennel oil gives relief from muscle pain. Therefore, especially in Ayurveda, it is used in massage blends. It relaxes the nerves and promotes mental clarity.


Acts as coolant

Fennel seeds have properties, which can cool the body. Generally, people use fennel seeds drinks to relieve heat during the heat-absorbing heat.


Fennel oil massage

Using fennel oil in a massage oil mixture helps in refining the body. Due to this massage, the toxic substances are reduced in the body, which creates conditions like arthritis, immune deficiency, and allergic reactions.


Fennel water

The fountain water can be made by the method given below:


  • Soak five spoons of fennel seeds in one cup of water for two hours.
  • Squeeze the fennel seeds and keep the fennel water separate for further use.
  • Grind fennel seeds finely.
  • Mix the squeezed water in it and keep it for three hours so that all active ingredients are absorbed into the water.
  • Squeeze the mixture again and separate the fennel water.
  • Cool the frying of the fennel seeds into the fridge and let it cool for a drink.
  • Mix sugar if necessary.
  • fennel tea
  • Consumption of fennel tea provides relief in a sore throat and gastrointestinal problems. Drinking a fennel tea regularly helps in refining the body.


Fennel tea can be made with the given method below.


  • Take the thick fatty cottage seeds of fennel seeds.
  • Boil the water and mix fennel powder.
  • Place a lid on the vessel and close the flame.
  • After 5 minutes, filter the fennel tea.
  • Mix honey or jaggery and drink hot.


Side effects of fennel

If fennel is used and consumed in the prescribed quantity (dose) then there is no adverse effect of fennel.


Increased amount of fennel may increase the sensitivity of the skin for sunlight and increase the likelihood of sunburn due to increase in skin sensitivity.


The use of fennel in small amounts is safe in cooking. Fennel seeds are used in many home remedies, but no research is available, which proves that fennel seeds are safe for adults or children when used for medicinal purposes.


People should ask their doctor before taking it because some people may be allergic to using it as medicines.



Generally, fennel seeds and its traditional yoga are used during pregnancy to treat nausea, hunger, indigestion, headache, and stomachache etc. In all these situations, fennel is effective and useful.


Fennel is less likely to be safe during pregnancy (less than 6 grams per day) in small quantities. It should not be used in more dosage.


Fennel actually improves menstrual cycle by reducing cramps and menstrual pain. In more dosage, fennel is supposed to discharge the menstrual cycle. However, the effects of fennel induced menstruation are very negligible. Nevertheless, it will be beneficial for pregnant women not to use excessive amounts. Pregnant women should not use fennel more than 6 grams per day.


It is beneficial to not use any unnatural form of fennel oil, fennel, or any unnatural form of fennel in a pregnancy.


The decoction made with conventional methods of fennel water, fennel tea, fennel extract, or fennel is probably safe when it is made from 6 grams or less fennel seeds. Pregnant women use fennel in its natural form.


Feeding The Beast

Fennel has lactogenic and nutritional properties. Breastfeeding women use it to destroy milk fluctuations and milk defects. It is usually used in infants for the treatment of stomach and digestive problems.


Fennel lactating mothers are likely to be safe to consume. There is no notice of any side-effects in mothers and children due to its use during breastfeeding.


Fennel allergy

Those who are sensitive to carrot, celery, peach, they may be allergic to fennel seeds. Common symptoms of fennel allergies include:

  • Itching in the mouth
  • Tingling in the mouth
  • Swelling of the lips,
  • Tongue and throat swelling
  • Skin Itching
  • skin rashes
  • Precautions

If a person is suffering from such a disease in which the condition is worsened due to the effects of estrogen, then fennel should not be taken, for example, breast cancer, uterine cancer etc.

Some people use fennel to respond to the skin allergic reaction.