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Ayurveda and healing power of Rose Water

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Ayurveda reveals healing potential of simple fragrance: The word ‘Rose’ by itself brings some way of recent smell and coolness to our thoughts. In step with Ayurvedic texts. This could result to rose water balances ‘Sadhaka Pitta’, the sub-dosha of pitta, that governs emotions and their result on the middle and thoughts. Sadhaka pitta(rose water) […]

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What is an Ayurveda: A traditional Medicine | Herbal Medicine | Home Remedies

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India is known as ayurvedic traditional medicine system. In Vedic tradition, Ayurveda is a discipline of upaveda [auxiliary knowledge]. In ancient Vedas are medical system are found. [ayurveda, Siddha, unani]. In India, the concept of Ayurvedic is developed in 500 BC and 2500 BC. Ayurveda is known as “science of life” and “science of longevity”, […]