Helpful for Weight reduce in Obesity

Helpful in reducing weight (Take as directed by a doctor)

1. Bauhinia Variegate 80 mg
2. Balsamodedronmukul  100mg
3. GingiberOfficinale  25mg
4. Piper nirgum 25 mg
5. TerminallaBelerica  10mg
6. EmblicaOfficinale 50mg
7. TerminallaChebula 10mg
8. LohBhasm   40mg

1. Advised only for 15 to 50 years old
2. Not avertable for pregnant ladies & not suitable till 6 months after delivery
3. People sufferings from critical araceous are advised not to use it.

1. Two Capsules daily with warm water after breakfast tea be taken at least for 3 to 6 months.
2. For ladies & small children –one capsule in the morning & one at night after 2 hours of dinner with warm water.

Precautions: Do’s &Don’t’s
1. Fat Calories increases weight & protein calories make you slim fat Calais  induce ghee, butter, fast food , junk food etc. & one not advisable protein calories include low fat dairy products like cream & paneer which have lots of nutlets & are helpful in reducing fat & weight.
2. More intake of dairy products reduces weight.
3. Drinking water while eating meals this helps in reducing weight.
4. More intake of food containing sugar in causes weight eg. Sugar rice, banana , grapes carrot, potato etc. these foods are not advisable as they contain lots of sugar.
5. Carbohydrates  enrich food  should not be taken in the morning as it increases hunger.
6. Rice, potato sweet potato & sugar, related food should not be taken in large quantities.
7. Our diet should complete of 90% of healthy food like dry fruits salad etc. & 10% of junk food.
8. Obesity manuel results to eating more than required & lack of increases.