For Diabetes (Blood Sugar) (Use Only after Consulting the Doctor)

1. Momordica Charantia 100mg
2. Eugenia JambolanaIam 80 gm
3. GymnemaSylvestre 100mg
4. TerminaliaChebula 10mg
5. TrigonellaFoenum 100 mg
6. TerminaliaOffcinale 10mg
7. EmblicaOfficinale 50mg
8. Aoglemarmelos 10mg
9. TrivangBhasm 40 mg

1. Use one capsule with the warm water daily in morning before eating any thing in the intial stage of diabetes.
2. If disease is 2 to 5 years old then take one capsule with one cup warm water early in the morning before eating anything & one capsule with one cup warm water, one hour before dinner.
3. If disease is 5 to  15 year older & if patient is also taking allopathic medicine then the patient take one capsule with warm water in the morning without taking anything, in afternoon one capsule half an hour before dinner regularly with warm water.

1. The Patient Should get blood examine regularly & if it appears to be controlled then allopathic medicines should be reduced slowly & should be stopped after sometime.
2. By taking continue dose timely for 3 to 5 years, the patient can control the disease to a large extent.
3. Beside taking the dose properly the patient also have to strictly care about the food habits & also do the walking regularly.

1. Consumption of table Sugar should in prescribed quantity.
2. Potato, Rice, Cured or sugar rich product should be consumed in limited quantity.
3. The medicine for any other disease should not be taken without the consultation of physician.
4. Regular exercise, Yoga & morning walk is a must.