SAFE ARSH (For Piles)

SAFE ARSH (For Piles)DSC_3529
Relieve Pain Soothes and Comforts Very Efficacious medicine.

(Only registered Medical Practitioner Only)

Each Capsule 500mg Contains:
1. CumcnumCyminum (30mg)
2. Piper Nigrum Linn (30mg)
3. Piper Longum (30mg)
4. Root of Piper Longum (30mg) Ext.
5. ZingiberOfficinalls (30mg)
6. Piper Chaba (ext) (25mg)
7. PotsilCarbonas (75mg)
8. Amorphophallus (ext) (75mg)
9. CasslaAugustifolia (75 mg)
10. PiconhizaKurroa (100mg)

How To Take:
1. 2 Capsules to be taken before breakfast with milk for 3 days

Nothing to be taken except:
1. Wheat Flour Chapati with Moong ki Dal light salt.
2. Wheat Daliya with light salt or without salt
3. Cow milk (without Sugar)
4. Plain Water
No use : Rice, Fast Food, Mirch, Non-veg

Note: Cronie piles & constipation use

1. 2 Cap daily morning before breakfast 3 days constipation in use for trifla churan two teaspoon Hotwater as morning time or bed time.