Ayurvedic uses & health benefits of Nettle 


Urtica dioica  additionally said as ‘common nettle’ or ‘stinging nettle’. As known as its leaves sting at the lightest touch. Is employed in Ayurvedic treatment to cure numerous ailments(nettle).

At present, the herb has drawn lots of attention and  analysis is being done on nettle, with the recognition of the herb rising because of its large health potential.

Components of Nettle

The herb is run within the variety of juice, capsules, dry extract, liquid extract, an infusion and a tincture. To prepare Nettle Infusion, add one ounce or dried herb, or two ounces of recent herb in one liter of water. Boil the water and store it in a very lined jar and let it steep for four hours or night long. Drink the flavored infusion inside future 4 days.


Listed here are the Ayurvedic healthful advantages of Nettle.

Nettles are great for the kidneys and liver. They stimulate the liver and kidneys and facilitate clear toxins from the body through tract and bowels.

Thereby eliminating fluid retention within the body.

Nettles conjointly stop the formation of excretory organ stones and tract infections.


The medicine property of Nettle leaves is price mentioning. It helps relieve joint pain and is a superb remedy for arthritis because it helps cut back the acid levels of patients affected by the condition.

According to the piece of writing, Nettles function a superb alimentary tonic.

They’re employed by girls for further nourishment throughout physiological condition and lactation and through maturity.

Nettle works as a general tonic that gives energy and vitality by stimulating metabolism, and restorative the body.


Nettle exhibits styptic properties and is useful in relieving issues like nosebleeds.

Stinging nettle isolated on white background

Being a gentle astringent, they assist tighten and strengthen blood vessels and helps maintain blood vessel snap.

They assist in treating skin conditions that occur owing to high Pitta like the skin condition, eczema, acne etc., by cooling the skin.

To treat external skin and scalp condition.

The poached leaves or roots are applied as poultice a minimum of the double on a daily basis.

It conjointly helps relieve internal organ gas and is sweet in an alleviation of common vats-related internal organ issues.

The roots are employed in treating infectious disease, diarrhea, inflammation and ulceration of digestive tube.

The roots and leaves of the plantar employed in the piece of writing in the treatment of asthma attack, because it helps open up the passage of lungs.

  • The herb is a superb medication because it helps to expel phlegm.
  • Juice of Nettle leaves or the extract of the foundation is used as a wash for fistulas and gangrenes, and for clearing scabs or itch.
  • Nettle leaves are useful to effecting the high impact on per unit area, urinary infection & anemia.
  • The root of the herb is additionally employed in treating enlarged prostate, abscesses, and herpes.


Overall, the herb is used as a general health tonic. But, it’s best to not self-medicate.

Discuss your health condition together with your Ayurvedic professional person, and consume the dosages as prescribed by the professional person.