How Lotus Seeds benefits for our health? and how it is effects in our body.

lotus seeds

Lotus is native to India, however, currently, it’s found its means into the whole south Asian continent. Its primary provider of Lotus seeds comes from China and Cambodia. Lotus seeds are long used in medieval medicines. Seeds have proved to be therefore very effective in a form of health conditions. it’s currently found its means into the new medication world.


Kamal (Lotus seed) is consumed or taken as a raw form or processed. it will be the form of white & brown peel layers. Its taste sweet or it is very healthy snacks. The health advantages provided by the intake of Lotus seeds are provided below for your reference.


Health advantages of Lotus seed



The enzymes, which exist in Lotus seeds area unit supposed to inhibit aging. L-isoaspartyl methyl transferase is that the enzyme that assists the repairing and maintaining of the broken proteins inside the body. Lotus seed in powdered kind is currently being supplemental to numerous cosmetics to achieve a bonus over the method of aging.


Calming impact

Lotus seeds area unit alleged to have calming effects and are medication, which suggests, your nerves relax higher and you get well sleep. It also helps the dilatation method of the blood vessels and helps you are feeling rejuvenated. this can be due to the presence of isoquinoline alkaloids in Lotus seeds.


Pathogenic heat

Research has tested that Lotus seed helps within the cooling method of the center and thereby reduces the infective heat generated.


Gum Tissue

People suffering from gum tissue connected problems are suggested to consume Lotus seeds, as a result of the healing properties existing among Lotus seeds


Healthy protein

Lotus seeds are imagined to be a good supply of protein for the body. Doctors suggest this for the intake to combat things of protein deficiency inside the body.

heart disease
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Heart diseases

Lotus seed contains thick magnesium in it. magnesium being the best channel blocker improves the blood, gas and also the flow of different nutrients. Low levels of magnesium will leave your body a lot of at risk of heart attacks. Such nice is that the content of Lotus seed that it ends up in a dramatic distinction within the heart disease. Its nutrition content of magnesium and pteroyl glutamic acid brings down the risks related to coronary heart diseases and different heart-related conditions.


Chronic diarrhea

The properties inside Lotus seed have best-known to manage chronic diarrhea.


Astringent properties

The astringent like properties in Lotus seed helps to combat kidney connected problems.



Lotus seeds, as per some analysis, are speculated to be a decent remedy for general infirmity.


Weight loss

Since Lotus seeds area unit purported to be low in glycemic index, it leaves you with a sense of being full and even results in weight loss.



Lotus seed has the flexibility to handle and controls this redoubtable condition of sleep disorder on account of its naturally sedative impact


Blood pressure

Lotus seed has high potassium content and traces of metal, thus lotus seed will its best in maintaining, helpful and even harmonizing the proper pressure level levels of the body.



The flavonoids content in Lotus seed is meant to combat multiple health-related problems. Kaempferol, that exists within the state in Lotus seed, helps to prevent inflammation.


Nutritional advantages of lotus seeds


High in potassium

The high levels of potassium in Lotus seeds will be of nice benefit to the heart. It will reduce the risks arising out of heart stroke or perhaps high blood pressure. Ends up in the excess quantity of sodium and water being flushed out of the system. Additionally aids in muscle contractions that cause cramps. This essential matter of in-depth importance to the anatomy is offered in a wonderful proportion in Lotus seed.



This nutrient is needed by the body to take care of cognitive functions and also the health of the nerves. acetylcholine needed for the purpose of neurotransmission will be generated via Lotus seed intake.



Lotus seeds dose will vary according to health conditions, age and different several factors. However, the overall dose of lotus seed powder is around 250 mg to three grams.


Contraindications Effects


Lotus seed allergic reaction is possible in many people, thus if you are feeling any symptom taking pumpkin seeds, consult your doctor.



Patients already on treatment ought to consult the doctor before intake of Lotus seed.


Blood sugar levels

Diabetic patients already on internal secretion ought to consult the doctor before intake of Lotus seed since it tends to cut back the glucose levels.


Gastrointestinal problems

lotus seeds

Intake of Lotus seed will cause flatulence, bloating and constipation.

Apart from of these, nutrition health edges that it provides, Lotus seed have conjointly been used as an inductive in cosmetic merchandise to market anti-aging. what is more, Its glorious content of nutrients and phytonutrients build it the explanation to be in demand. it’s wide exported from China to across the world. it’ll pay attention to the first nutrients needed for your body. Snack thereon at your powerfulness, there’s nothing to lose