Causes of Banana Allergy and how to prevent it.


banana allergy

A banana allergy or allergic reaction could be a hypersensitivity to proteins present in banana. The allergy takes place when the banana is consumed and these reactions will vary from delicate to grievous.

Any adult or kid  exhibits sure undesirable symptoms when the intake of banana or banana-based food things should straightaway consult their doctor in case of any allergy.

Having a banana allergic reaction is joined to a latex allergic reaction. The proteins gift within the rubber tree that turn out latex area unit the most explanation for an allergic reaction.

These proteins area unit kind of like the proteins found in sour fruits, like a banana.

Causes of Banana allergy or allergic reaction

  • Allergy to bananas is feasible as a result of the presence of protein chitinase.
  • The shortcoming of the physical body to interrupt down chitinase triggers the system, that successively produces immune gamma globulin, antibodies to the allergens.
  • These antibodies any turn out histamine that acts on completely different areas of the body, like eyes, nose, digestive tube, lungs, and skin to provide undesirable symptoms.
  • Such a reaction could be a kind one allergic reaction, a kind of hypersensitivity made by the system.


  • Pollen is another attainable trigger that may cause hypersensitivity to banana. If you’re allergic to birch spore, the possibilities of being allergic to banana area unit higher. In some cases, allergic reaction to banana arises once a person comes in-tuned with the recent fruit.
  • While cooking the banana may reduce the chance of allergic reaction in some people.
  • The system and gut defense system is undeveloped in infants. Banana sensitization in infants will be because of early exposure to banana allergens to infants.
  • These allergens will suffer the mother to the baby through breast milk.

Banana allergic reaction Symptoms & Signs

Signs and symptoms could seem quickly when the fruit is consumed. it’s going to involve the mouth, skin and also the digestive tube.

If left untreated, it will have life-threatening effects. Throughout such a part, immediately consult your health-care provider.


Itching will unfold to the various areas of the body, like mouth, skin, eyes, and throat. In severe cases, it will any cause rashes, swelling and redness inflicting pain and discomfort to the affected people.

Gastrointestinal Symptoms:

The banana allergic reaction causes a good type of symptoms, that include:

  • ·         Nausea
  • ·         Vomiting
  • ·         Diarrhea or loose stools
  • ·         Abdominal cramps

Respiratory Symptoms:

In severe cases, a banana allergic reaction may also affect the respiratory tract. Some common symptoms include:

  • ·         Wheezing
  • ·         Sneezing
  • ·         A runny nose
  • ·         Suffocation or issue in respiratory
  • ·         Swelling of the throat
  • ·         Difficulty in swallowing

Anaphylactic Shock:

Anaphylactic shock is rare, however a grievous general reaction. It will cause low force per unit area, low heart rate, lightheadedness, loss of consciousness and may any progress towards shock.

Diagnosis and Tests of Banana hypersensitivity reaction

It is necessary to quickly diagnose the condition and begin with the treatment. Here’s however you’ll ascertain if you’re allergic to banana:

Self-Observation of Symptoms:

No one higher than you’ll describe the signs and symptoms that seem when you consume a banana. Describing your symptoms intimately can facilitate the doctor perceives the condition higher.

Inform the doctor concerning your banana intake and also the quantity of your time when that the symptoms appeared. you want to additionally tell him if you have got skilled a similar scenario before.

Someone with a positive history of banana allergic reaction could undergo some a lot of tests.

Skin-Prick Test:

To diagnose a banana allergic reaction, your doctor could use skin-prick test, that is safe, cheap and offers immediate results. During this test, your doctor gently pricks the skin and applies an answer containing the banana matter.

This answer enters into the skin and is then left untouched for the next 20-30 minutes. When half-hour, if the check is positive or if you’re allergic to banana, a bump and redness of the skin can seem.

Prick-Prick Testing:

During this check, the banana matter is gently pricked into the skin. it’s best for people with a positive banana allergic reaction history, however a negative skin-prick check.

Specific immune gamma globulin Estimation:

This is a blood test, that measures protein immune gamma globulin in the blood. during a banana allergic reaction, the system over-reacts and produces immune globulin to shield the body from the matter.

Associate elevated level of immune globulin could be a clear indicator of banana allergy.

Risk Factors

Individuals with latex allergic reaction area unit at associate accrued risk of developing a banana allergic reaction. this can be attainable as a result of each latex and banana have similar allergy-causing proteins.

  • People with spore allergic reaction typically react with banana
  • Having respiratory disorder will increase the chances of getting a banana allergic reaction
  • A case history of banana allergic reaction will place you at a risk of allergic reaction too
  • A history of oral allergic reaction syndrome with any reasonable food

Treatment of Banana allergic reaction

Mild allergic reaction to banana will be treated with anti-histamines. Throughout the associate allergic reaction, the body cells turn out histamine, which provides rise to symptoms like itching, liquid nose, and eyes, and Treatment with anti-histamines will counteract the symptoms and provides relief to the affected individual.

Completely eliminating banana and food product that have a banana as their ingredient will be useful for people with banana allergic reaction.

In serious cases, your doctor could offer you associate vasoconstrictor shot. it’s the first-line treatment for a hypersensitivity reaction.


  • It’s best that people who area unit allergic to banana should fully avoid it
  • Besides this, banana is an associate ingredient in numerous food preparations. Intake of such foods is totally unsafe and should be avoided
  • Cross-reactive foods, like kiwi, avocado, melons, papaya, tomatoes, and carrots should be avoided
  • If you’re sensitive to latex and banana, latex-based objects and toys should be avoided
  • Before ordering food at a restaurant, check that you raise if a banana is used in any kind of food preparation
  • Cosmetics, like banana-flavored salve, should be avoided.

List of Foods to Avoid

Below mentioned area unit some food things that people sensitive to banana should avoid:

  • ·         Banana-flavored candies
  • ·         Cakes
  • ·         Bread
  • ·         Smoothies and milkshakes
  • ·         Desserts created using banana
  • ·         Mixed fruit milkshakes and smoothies that contain banana
  • ·         Banana ice-creams
  • ·         Banana-flavored low
  • ·         Banana-flavored liquor