Benefits of Ayurveda in Back Massage (Pristhabhyanga)

Nowadays, job life has become terribly hectic. If your job demands you to face throughout and supervise work, your back hurts at the end of the day back massage is required. On the opposite hand, if you’re imagined to sit on the pc for a protracted time and your posture is wrong, your back definitely withdraws its support.

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How is a couple of rejuvenating back massage when a daylong feverish schedule? will it Sound exciting? Well, you must remember of the techniques before you truly like the medical care.

What is Ayurvedic Back massage or Pristhabhyanga


Ayurvedic back massage could be a special technique to relax muscles of your back and it’s terribly effective if you’re disturbed to aching particularly lower aching. Massage expert place pressure on numerous points of the rear close to the spinal cord, that helps you relax and obtain advantages of Marma medical care. you’ll be able to notice a good relaxation too if you’re searching for relaxation through back massage. a young bit of expert helps your nerves to cloud nine and re-energize yourself.

Back massage incorporates many types of pressure and hand movements additionally to medicated herbal oils. sometimes a mix of Ayurvedic oils and essential oils of aromatherapy is employed within the method to produce most advantages to clients. The oil is incessantly replenished heat so its advantages area unit heightened. the most purpose of as well as oil during this therapy is to make sure that the consumer is benefitted from each the massage as well as the oil therapy.


The massage emphasises on the spine region entirely as well as the Marma points. It works step by step up the spine towards the waist and shoulders. These regions would like additional attention as this area unit the foremost stressed elements of our body. As we know, spine plays an important role in sustaining the body and maintaining a balance within the central nervous system.

Therefore, Ayurvedic back massage focuses on the spine (Meru-danda). The pressure techniques unit of measurement very lightweight to verify a soothing experience to the clients. The Marma points once worked on, unleash all the strain and anxiety, thereby triggering the flow of serious energy throughout the body

This very important energy helps in maintaining correct circulation of blood. 

additionally called healing therapy or detoxifying medical aid. Harmful toxins area unit flushed out of the body with the assistance of the seasoning oils and massage techniques administered within the medical care.

Duration of Ayurvedic back massage :


  • Ayurvedic back massage varies from hour to ninety minutes looking on the severity of back issues.


  • Benefits of Ayurvedic back massage


  • Provides relief from aching by restful muscles and rising blood circulation to your back.


  • Reduces fatigue of your backbone.


  • It is very useful for stress reduction, thus it ultimately decreases anxiety levels.


  • Ayurvedic back massage therapy painful and tired muscles.


  • It enhances circulation of blood and improves liquid body substance flow.


  • It is additionally very helpful for sportspeople to live through strenuous exercises or workout.


Causes of back pain or different disorders associated with back

Back massage. Young man having back massage (with arrows)

It is necessary for you to understand what could be the probable causes that may cause back pain so you’ll avoid them in future.

  • Poor posture habit
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spinal stricture
  • Scoliosis
  • Sprain
  • Muscle strain
  • Tissue tear
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Injury
  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise
  • Incorrect exercise
  • Incorrect sitting postures
  • Someone rightly said

“Prevention is best than cure”.

If you would like to measure a healthy and a disease-free life, you will opt to use caution regarding the points mentioned higher than. If destiny still chooses to look rude to you, Ayurvedic back massage may be a happy therapy promising to stay by your aspect