Ayurvedic Therapy  & Home Remedies for Cough-Cold.


Cough is termed as ‘kasa‘ in Ayurveda. The term kasa is given attributable to the sound created while coughing. (“kasanaat kasaha”). in the read of medical aid drugs & is considered a reflex either as protecting input or as a result of any infection or allergies. consistent with Kasa is as a results of derangement of vata dosha with or whereas not kapha involvement.


Pathogenesis of cough consistent with Ayurveda:

Due to exposure to dirt, smoke or excessive physical exercises, consumption of food that area unit too dry/stale, entry of foods into abnormal path aside from the muscular structure. Due to the etiological terms kapha gets aggravated & brings obstruction for the movement of vata at intervals the chest region that aggravates prana vata and udana vata.

As a results of this vata moves within the upward direction, afflicts the channels of circulation in the higher a part of the body and gets lodged within the throat and chest. This agitated vata enters and fills up all the channels of the top,jaws, sides of the neck and eyes. more it brings about contraction out the eyes, chest.

Therefore the flanks and provides rise to cough with or without body fluid. it’s related to pain and sound like that of a bronze vessel. Ayurvedic treatment targets upon reducing the vata and breaking the chain of pathologic process that results in coughing.

Some diet and regimens:

Ayurvedic treatment isn’t solely primarily based of intake of medicines however conjointly upon diet and fashion changes.

Intake of red sort of rice, wheat, Barley, Millets, Black gram, mung and horsegram area unit helpful. Soup or meat of goat, recent sort of liquor, home made ghee, goat’s milk, brinjal, tender raddishes, grapes, lemon, cow urine, cardamom, garlic, poppy seeds, popped paddy, Trikatu , warm water, pure honey, 7 to 8 hours sleeping during the day time are helpful for health.

Diet :

Diet and drinks that area unit wholesome area unit substances like milk, sugarcane juice, preparations from carbohydrate, curd, sour gruel, bitter fruits just in case of vata predominant cough. Meat soup of fish, crab or chicken is additionally helpful in vata predominant cough.

Intake of sweet eatables, barley, Millets, soup of legume and vegetables having bitter taste in appropriate amount is helpful for persons affected by cough of pitta origin.

Intake of food that unit of measurement pungent in vogue, powder of trikatu (black pepper. dry ginger and long pepper), honey, Spices like cardamom, garlic, cow’s urine unit of measurement useful in cough of kapha origin.

Some diet and regimens:

  • Excessive exertion / wrestling/ walking/ talking/ singing.
  • Brushing teeth with powder.
  • Bathing.
  • Smelling of unhealthy odours.
  • Exposing oneself to dirt and smoke.
  • Intake of dry and off food.
  • Suppression of the urge of coughing, belching or symptom.
  • Intake of tubers like potato, leaves of mustard plant.
  • Consumption of recent rice soaked in water.
  • Drinking an excessive amount of water.

Ayurvedic treatment for cough (Panchakarma therapies):

The following live area unit helpful in any variety of cough (kasa):

  • Fomentation medical care (swedana)
  • Purgation medical care (virechana)
  • instinctive reflex medical care (vomitting)
  • Smoke medical care (dhommapana)

The following area unit to be avoided which will be harmful for a patient with cough:

  • irrigation medical care (Basti)
  • Nasal medical care (Nasya)
  • Blood holding medical care (Rakta mokshana)

Ayurvedic treatment for cough:

The first line of treatment in writing for cough once it’s related to phlegm is to get rid of the buildup of phlegm. Ayurvedic drugs for cough with phlegm is Dasamoolakaduthrayam kashayam.

Ayurvedic medicines for cough and cold that’s effective altogether age teams area unit Kanakasavam, Thaleesapathradi churna.

Remedies for cough:

  1. Take a 6 grams of Sitopaladi churna three times in a daily with 2 teaspoon of honey.


  1.  Kushmanda Rasayanam – 1 teaspoon daily with honey or lukewarm  water is useful in chronic cough.


  1. Jivanamrtam rasayanam, for hindrance of higher tract infection and to create the system. (not indicated for diabetic patients)