Advantages and disadvantages of Aalu Bukhara (PLUM)


Plum is a very tasty and nutritious fruit. Its flavour is sour sweet to eat and it becomes even tastier after cooking well. Plum is predominantly grown in Persia, Greece and Arab countries. Plum mostly comes from fever, and this is also called potato bloom. It is also known by names such as plums, prunes, damson, but Aalu Bukhara is the most famous name. Approximately 140 varieties of Aalu Bukhara are found in the market during the season. As fig, grapes, apricots are used as dried fruits, Aalu Bukhara is also used as a dry fruit.

alu bukhara

Plum is very useful to increase strength in the body and its use in any kind of disease is very beneficial. Plum has plenty of antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, vitamin B, C, G, K, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and iron for good health of our body. Due to high-calorie work, there is an ideal diet for weight loss.

According to Ayurveda, potato buffalo is beneficial, penetrating, hot and coughing galloticide. By eating potato fever, blood increases in the body. It is beneficial in the stomach and also in diarrhea. Plum is very beneficial for removing diseases of the stomach, eating it strengthens the intestines, relaxes the bile and has the very beneficial effect on hemorrhoids patients.

Vitamins and minerals present in it are beneficial in the treatment of heart diseases, high blood pressure, low memory, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer.

Health benefits of potato fever(Plum).

Aalu Bukhara disables the harmful effects of free radicals and helps prevent diseases such as asthma, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. In it, the compounds such as sorbitol and isatin give benefits in the diseases associated with the digestive tract. Due to the presence of various types of vitamins, it prevents diseases associated with eye disorders and skin. Having low calorie is a great diet to reduce fat and weight loss, and vitamin B6 reduces the chances of heart disorders. Vitamin C and iron increase the flow of blood and prevents anemia (anemia).


Aalu Bukhara is less on the glycemic list, so it reduces the blood sugar levels and the likelihood of diabetes.

Medicinal Uses

Plum is used for both health and beauty benefits over the years. Following are some important benefits

Digestion process

Potato is a good source of sorbitol and actinium with fiber in the fever, which helps in regulating the body fluid.  Sorbitol and Sistine have a laxative effect and they stimulate the secretion of fluid in the intestine, resulting in efficient flushing of the waste through the stomach.

Osteoporosis (osteoporosis)

By eating dry potato fever, there are anabolic (Anabolic) and anti-bacterial action which helps maintain healthy bones. Aalu Bukhara contains such elements that help in preventing the decline of bone tissue and women avoid diseases like osteoporosis (osteoporosis) after menopause. Substances like potassium in dry potato fever help in the formation of bone tissues, increase the density of bones and prevent bone loss due to lack of ovarian hormone. Research has shown that due to aging by eating dry potato fever, the density of bones reduced due to aging can be restored to restoration.


Potato fever contains vitamin C and anticonvulsant nutrients which prevent oxygen loss from particles. The elements present in it work against any injury caused by oxidative stress.


Potato buffer puts hyperglycaemic anti-inflammatory effect and helps in combating diabetes. Studies have shown that due to eating potato fever, glucose in the blood has decreased and triglyceride levels have been found in the body. The element present in the potato fever help in insulin resistance and sensitivity to insulin in the body.



Aalu Bukhara is valuable for the treatment of obesity and obesity-related complications. Studies have shown that Aalu Bukhara helps fight metabolic syndrome due to the presence of bioactive compounds. The element present in the Aalu Bukhara puts the anti-obesity (including fat cells) on various physiological cells, and they help prevent obesity-related problems such as cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease the nervous system.

Level of healthy blood cholesterol

Potato fever helps to regulate the level of blood fat (cholesterol). A comparative study has proven the effect of taking potato fever after grape juice in keeping plasma and liver cholesterol levels healthy.

Cardiovascular health

Use of potato fever helps to maintain cardiovascular health. Research has provided support to evidence that eating dry potato fever regularly promotes the flow of fluid in the intake arteries, due to the development of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, cardiovascular disorders, and decreased chances of cardiovascular disease. It comes.


Aalu Bukhara and its products contain many vitamins and minerals in abundance, due to which it is beneficial during pregnancy. Its beneficial components are important for the eyes and vision of the fetus, development of bones and tissues, and cellular cell health. There are fibers that stop constipation and improve digestion. Adding potato fever as a part of a balanced diet helps fight various infections and overall health persists.

Side effects of potato fever

  • Along with having so much health benefits of potato fever, some of its side effects and disadvantages are described below:
  • If you are suffering from kidney or gallbladder disease, then you should avoid eating it because stakes are in high doses which can further degrade the condition of the disease.
  • Due to this, eating excessive amounts can cause stomach swelling, gas becoming, and other problems related to digestive system.
  • Due to a high quantity of dry potato fever should be avoided because it contains chemicals called neurotoxins which have an impact on neuropathy, reproduction and other problems.
  • If your body is not suitable for acidic fruit, you should not eat potato because it contains high amounts of acidic content.