How to get rid of Acne / Pimple problems ? and how we diagnosis at early stage?


The condition of acne is made in someone’s skin when oil and dead cells accumulate in the skin pores of the skin. It is generally seen that acne is on face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. After treatment, it keeps on continuously. The speed of treatment is very slow, and new begins to grow apart from the treated area.


It is generally seen that it is more in adolescence. Due to today’s diet and pollution, they have been seen in young children besides adolescents.

By having acne, the teenage is also affecting physically and also causes scars on the skin. Therefore, treatment should be started as soon as they appear, so that they do not affect the beauty of the teenage kids and they are not emotionally affected.

Symptoms of acne

The symptoms of acne on someone’s skin depend on the severity of his condition.


  • Whiteheads – Closing Pores Hole
  • Blackheads – These pores are open and the deposited oil becomes brown in air effect
  • Small red sensitive grains
  • Pimples – pimples on the tip


In all these cases, if there is no benefit from home remedies then consult a doctor. If you do not get the benefit then consult a dermatologist.

Usually, do not use the cream available in the market as yourself, because there may be side-effects due to lack of quality level. This type of non-product can damage you, whose symptoms are redness, itching, etc. on the face.

If you have more trouble using these products such as swelling of eyes, face, lips, trouble, breathing difficulties or throat, contact a doctor immediately.

Causes of acne

There are mainly four causes of acne:


Usually, acne occurs on your face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. The skin of these places is more of the oil (sebaceous) glands. When the oil and dead skin cells in the skin pores of the skin get accumulated, it becomes.

Dead skin cells

dead skin

When your body carries excess quantities of sebum and dead skin cells, then both of them become frozen in the pores. Together they work as a stopper and create an environment where bacteria can flourish. It causes infection in these holes and swelling in them.

Filled Pores Hole

The inflammation of the walls of the filled Pores holes starts coming, They are closed and whiteheads are formed. Many times the pore holes remain open, and blackheads are created with the effect of external air. Blackheads look like they are stuck in these romp pores. But in reality, oil and bacteria are filled in these pores, which becomes brown by coming under the influence of air.


The pimples are the red spots raised in the middle of which are white in the middle, which is due to the infection by the bacteria of the hair follicles. Inside the pores of the oil, the lump is formed under your skin due to inflammation due to the infection of oil, dead cells and bacteria. Other skin pores that are meant to be sweat, often do not have acne.

Factors That Affect Acne


There are many reasons for which the problem of acne becomes worse. The main reasons for this are.

Hormonal imbalance

When the boys and girls are in the young age, the hormones called androgens increase within them, causing the sebaceous glands to spread and make more sugar syrup. Hormones become unbalanced by the use of pregnancy and eating contraceptives, resulting in an excessive amount of sesamum. If the androgen hormone is produced in women, then it makes the condition of acne worse.

Diet (food)

Research has shown that acne can be caused by dairy products and carbohydrate-rich food items like roti, ballets, and chips. Another research has also revealed that eating chocolate also leads to increase. The question arises whether patients need to follow specific dietary restrictions.

diet food

Myths of acne

It is believed that the following causes also have an effect on the status of acne.

Lubricated / Oily food

It is a myth that eating lubricated food affects monkeys, but this is not correct. But by working at such a place where the atmosphere is oily, it has an effect, because the oil in the atmosphere stops the skin and closes the pores on the skin. This causes itching of the skin and acne develops.

Dirty skin

Acne is not caused by dirt. Actually washing the skin with rubbing or washing it with a hard soap or washing it with chemical substances affects the skin and the condition of the acne becomes poor. Carefully scrub oil, dead cells or other dirt on your skin.

dirty skin

Cosmetics Products

It is not necessary that cosmetic content causes your acne. If you use oil-free makeup that does not stop the hair pores and you clean your make-up every day, then there is no side effect. Oil-free makeup materials do not interfere with the treatment of acne.


Due to the risk of acne


The main causes of acne are:

Hormone changes

Hormone changes are common in adolescents, girls, and women. The person who is using such medicines contains a corticosteroid, androgen or lithium, also changes the hormone.

Genetic Problems

Geneticism also plays an important role in acne. If your parents also had problems, then there is a lot of possibilities that you too may suffer from this problem.

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Skin pressure or friction

There may be pressure or friction on your skin for several reasons like telephone, cellphone, helmet, tight collar, and backpack.

There may be problems due to these reasons too.

Wash the skin with acne only twice a day

Washing the skin extracts extra oil and dead cells in it. But excessive washing causes irritation of the skin. Clean the infected area for any gentle and oil-free toilet and use water-based products for skin care.

Clean the makeup before sleeping in the night

If you fall asleep after making a make-up, then the hair follicles of your skin will remain closed all night. By which the probability of hypersensitivity is strong. Regularly clean your makeup with soapy water and gentle cleanser.

Wear loose clothes

Tight and rigid clothes prevent heat and moisture in your skin, causing trouble and irritation in your skin. As far as possible, prevent friction with your skin, it is due to any straps, backpacks, helmets, hats and sports equipment.

Take a bath after more work.

Whenever you do any kind of work, then you should take a bath, this will remove excess oil and sweat from your body which can cause.

Avoid touching problem areas

The skin with acne should not be touched repeatedly because it has the potential to cause.